✦ Source: Salve Magia
✦ Rating: [T+13]
✦ Status: On-going
✦ Date: 17/09/2020
✦ Chapters: 1/?
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Entry I

There is a blue book on the ground. No one seems to notice it, except the one staring at it. She decides to ignore it at first, walking past it on her way home.

However, curiosity gets the better of her, and she walks back to the book.

The girl picks up the blue book from the ground.

She ended up bringing this blue book with her after all. It's old and bulky... yet it weighs nothing. Like carrying a pile of feathers.

All of a sudden, a hooded figure appears in the cover. His eyes are the only feature she can see at all- along with the crown floating above his head.

''You found my journal,'' the figure said. His voice, calm and fruity, echoes inside her head. ''Worry not, I'm not angry at you for fi--''

''What the fuck are you?''

The figure blinked. ''... Excuse me?''

''What the fuck are you?'' the girl simply repeated.

There was a short silence between them that felt like an eternity to the creature in the book. Even after living for so long, there was still left a first time for some things, it seemed.

The girl tapped the spot where his crown was. ''I like your crown. It's cute.''

''Ah, thank you,'' the figure clapped his gloved hands together. ''I made it myself. It's my pride and joy.''

The crown glowed a bit, as if it was aware of the compliment.

''Now, who are you? Are you a demon trapped inside this thing or something? That'd be awesome.''

He shook his head. ''Sorry, my friend, but I am not. You can call me Regius Mel, and I'm the one who created this book you are holding right now. ''

''It looks old as hell.''

''It is old. An antique. Its purpose is for the Astrale Stella to record their experiences.''


The figure felt pride at her look of pure awe. Despite their rough start, he still managed to impress mortals.

''That means you're an old man!'' the girl gasped and then leaned in with a wide smile. ''Oh! I could call you Reggie!''

Sigh. This was going to be a long night.

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