November has arrived already... months seem to pass by faster. Maybe it's an age thing.
Also, I just realized that I keep making only 2 blog entries per month! A funny observation, but that's just because I'm a slow writer (´。_。`)

Last week, a few things happened. Nothing bad, though, worry not. This will be short.

✦ First of all: my birthday was on Monday!
A notice on the small side, but that did happen. We celebrated the next day by having dinner at a hotpot. I adore that place! I wish I could go there more often, if it wasn't so expensive lol.

✦ Secondly: I did my first stream on Friday!
This was something I always wanted to do, but I hesitated for the longest time. Mostly because of my stage fright... I get dithery when I have to do anything for the first time, no matter what. Anyway, after doing a poll, I played Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside from start to finish.
I played some edutainment games when I was younger, but I've never heard of this one before! Apparently it was popular in the US. And after playing it, I can see why: the game is utterly charming! Great designs, and the writing was enjoyable- even for an adult like me. We had lots of fun ♪(´▽`)

✦And lastly, I started a... challenge? for myself: no social media on the weekends.
This idea came to me like a downpour. I admit that I've got a bit of an addiction to social media. As someone with extremely low self-esteem, I seek validation of any work I share. Often reloading until that little notification comes to me like a false angel only bringing curses in disguise. I'm a slave to those metrics, which only poisons my mind and soul in the long run. So, I get rid of the numbers and then set a rule for myself: no Twitter or Tumblr on the weekends (only social media sites I actually use lol).

The internet is a fun place: I can see lots of awesome content from all around the world, and thanks to it, I have met some of my best friends! But I need to step back. Sort of a social-media detox, I guess. It's only two days per week, I know, but it's a start! Small steps towards owning my time, hopefully.

Thanks for your company!

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