Strange Dream

Have you ever had dreams that stick with you even after you wake up? I don't know about you, but when I wake up after having a dream, I tend to forget what it was about.

Last time that a dream impacted me, it led me to create two OCs that I quickly grew fond of (Oleander and Rosemary). However, this time was different. It was a weird dream and yeah I know most dreams usually are. But just—listen to me for a minute. I won't blame you if think this sounds fake to be honest, dreams can be like that sometimes. This is gonna be a messy blog entry.

I was at my former high school. Rows and rows of blue lockers. My high school had... a lot of blue going on, not sure why lol. Anyway, I was at my old high school but the place looked different. It was much bigger, like someone grabbed the building and stretched for countless kilometres. Stairs that led to the upper floors (my old highschool had one floor, two if you also count the ground floor), some of them were upside down? It was a very labyrinthine place, not natural-looking.

Moving on, I was in this pseudo high school, and I was looking for my backpack. I had to find it or I couldn't go home. Maybe because that's where I kept my keys along with the books back then. So I had to find my old backpack, which was a regular pink school bag, in this massive place. And I just did that, right? I checked in the lockers that were unlocked, I checked in the many classrooms that I found. Some of these classrooms were pure black voids with no way of seeing inside them. I can't remember if dream-me checked those as well. Probably not considering I've got nyctophobia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I keep searching for the backpack in this huge place. And as I do that, the whole time I can hear murmurs and people talking. Y'know, those kinda murmurs you heard as you moved from one class to another? The ones you hear by passing but don't really pay attention to? It was something like that. I could hear them but the place was empty apart from me. It was like these people were talking behind the walls, the words were muffled and not distinguishable.

After hours of searching for the damn bag, I finally find it in the old gym. Big as I remember it, but the instruments from the music classroom were there. That's usually how it looked when we had concerts at the end of each trimester. It's just how we did our music tests back then, instead of the usual written one the other subjects did. It was fun, even if we had to carry the instruments ourselves there lol. Anyway, I see the bag but there was this... guy? girl? person? holding it. Not sure what they were to be honest: they looked humanoid but they were also like.... big. Very big. Not as in they were tall, just... big. It's like someone grabbed a person and stretched them, like the building. I don't remember many features, except that they had a calm expression in their face. A smile so relaxed it was kind of uncomfortable. And also their hair—it was... well, it wasn't exactly long? Rather, it looked thick. Abnormally thick.

I take the backpack from their hands and when I check the inside turns out it's empty inside (???). And I'm like 'what', then this person-thing grabs my face and kisses me and now you're probably like 'what' (I was too). But it felt weird. Very disorienting. Like, have you ever spin around in a chair and when you stop you feel dizzy? It was sorta like that. When I blink, this person isn't there anymore nor my backpack. Then I feel something poking my thigh, and I check my pocket. Suddenly there was a crack? And in the blink of an eye I'm back in the hallway, surrounded by the blue lockers and with the keys to my house in my hand.

And that's... as much as I can remember. They say dreams are how the brain interprets our deepest emotions. Well, I don't know what kinda emotion that represents, but it sure is an interesting anecdote.

Thanks for your company!

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