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I've been in a game kick all Summer so far. Well, mostly playing BTD6 because I love the heroes so much (and the towers are so cute...). I've been also playing a bit of Cult of the Lamb, but I'm not here today for that. No, I'm here because I've been also playing old games. And with old, I mean NES games.

That probably hurt someone that grew up during that time. Many of these are games I'm familiar with, they became popular as time passed. But I never actually played them myself. A big reason is that... being honest here, I don't like how some of these look. I'm all for the #retro aesthetic, and I'm aware times were different! But some of these just look too old even for me lol.

... Wow. Anyway.
I got my hands on the Mega Man Legacy Collection, which has the first 6 games. Truth be told, I barely know a thing about Mega Man! I've always been curious about it + found the 2D art of the bosses cute as hell, but with over 30+ years of content out there, it felt overwhelming. But it seems they put many older games in nice, little collections- which makes things easier for a newbie like me (/≧▽≦)/.

Started with MM1 (duh), and now I get why the term 'NES-hard' exists: these games aren't as easy as I thought! Here is Yomiel, who struggled with the first level for an hour or so. It takes a while to get used to the controls (keyboard player woo), and a lot of it is all about the trial the error.

But I also get why people played these so often even after beating them. It feels VERY good when you pass a level or defeat a boss for the first time. It's just fun, plain and simple. Also the soundtrack is awesome, everything I heard so far is so catchy (Cut Man's theme has invaded my brain forever...). I'm playing these at my own pace, it'll take me a while until I get to MM2. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

‘What caused the sudden interest in Mega Man though,’ you might wonder.
And to that I say: I will tell you when we get there ♡

Thanks for your company!

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