I Keep Forgetting About The Blog

Happy Nov—December. I keep mentioning time whenever I do an entry. Feeling like an old lady.

The new year is close, and y'know one tends to self-reflect during these days.
So, 2022. A lot has happened this year. I'll get the not-so-positive-stuff outta the way first.

Twitter. Holy shit dude lmao it was NOT its year.
Anyway I'm kind of leaving Twitter, but also not really? I'm not deleting my account (yet) but I'm no longer gonna upload art there. It's just... I'm tired. Twitter hates artists and I'm tired of dealing with it.

Alright, now the nicer stuff :)

✦ I made a Newgrounds account!

I was hesitant at first but I've been liking it so far. I might make it my second main platform, so consider following me there (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ). It's cool to see so many popular internet folks in there! It also helped me discover lots of cool talented folks; like this one artist that makes music as well. I've been listening to some of her original tracks while I write or do any work on the PC. I know she won't see this but thanks for the music. I wish that the next year will be kind to you.

This year has been a nice year for me when it comes to getting into new media actually. Like for example, Deltarune. Loved that little man and the addisons so much that I made my ask blog for my own addisons, Color Company. Which got... more attention than expected, and now the colorful pointy-nosed people have become actual OCs. It's thanks to all the people that wanted to know more that these characters and now they have evolved beyond their source.

✦ Ah yes, speaking of media: this year I finally made my own website!

Yes, the one you are in right now! Neocities has been a great place to put all my stuff in. It even worked as a safe place of sorts to upload the content I don't feel like sharing elsewhere. It's been a boost to my confidence.

What else... ✦ I'm back on Instagram, I guess?
I'm not particularly fond of that website, but maybe it can be Twitter's replacement for doodles, wips and such. So y'know, follow me there as well :D!

Not much else to say... Oh! Maybe you noticed I've been talking about this one duo, Rosemary and Oleander? Expect to see more of them in the future. I've been brainstorming a lot for them, including possible new characters and their possible setting (to the point of losing sleep).
I still don't have a title for this idea/concept/whatever yet— but it's been fun to work on something new.

For your information, whenever I'm not doing things like my actual job (accounting clerk) and dealing with Regular Adult Life, I'm usually doing other things during my free time: writing self-insert, writing original content, DRAWING for both of these things, working on my Toyhouse profiles, working on the website, etc. I'm starting to miss talking to friends haha.

Anyway Merry Christmas, or just Happy December. We'll meet again next year.

Thanks for your company!

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