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Little Laurel

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UPDATE 2022: These addisons are now OCs of my own, part of Colorful Company. But this website IS an archive, so I'll keep the oneshot here.

Something the Lightner quickly noticed was that the Addison brothers were always together. Speaking metaphorically, the colorful quintet was glued together like a pile of cats at the end of the day no matter what.

At some point, the Lightner became part of the pile.

Ze didn't even notice. One night, zir mind had wandering thoughts that made sleep impossible. Then ze felt the blue Addison behind zir inch closer as his arms around zir tightened ever so slightly. That made zir snap out of it, zir body focusing on the others around zir instead. They all looked so content in their sleep, even with such a simple human in their embrace.

How didn't the Lightner notice before? How much ze loved each one of them.

''You've become so important to me.''

The Lightner learned how each one showed their love for zir, as friends... as well as something deeper.

Anytime there was food involved, Taggew was always the first one to offer some of his share with zir. The quintet was worried about zir eating habits-namely, how often ze just forgot to eat. But Taggew seemed to be the most worried... followed by the second youngest, Link. In his case, ze guessed it was because of how similar ze was to his younger brother Spamton, who has always had terrible eating habits. Link mentioned he had to deal with those when they were younger while Taggew started working. Regardless, ze often accepted his food offerings, because ze knew it relieved him to see zir eat.

It was charming to see. Taggew truly acted like the eldest brother he was. Perhaps that's why he was the spokesperson most of the time.

The twins, Paubli and Cidad, were pretty similar. They were blunt but they didn't say much (Paubli was more talkative though). Often they were the ones that listened to the Ligthner talk about whatever topic: music, the Light World, food, and so on. They always listened to zir with interest

They were also a bold duo. The Lightner learned they were touchy, but ze never expected them to get so close to zir everytime. What starts as simple hand-holding ends up in being sandwiched between the two big guys in some sort of cuddle pile. They liked that contact (particularly Cidad). Truth be told, it felt very nice.

Ah, Spamton G. Spamton. The youngest and shortest of the Addison brothers. The poor guy has been through hell and back. Once he got truly comfortable around the Lightner, it was never boring to interact with him. His old Big Shot persona just popped up: trying to act smooth with zir, saying cheesy pick-up lines that sounded silly more often than not. It wasn't difficult to see that, behind those colored glasses, he was a sweet guy. Also it didn't take much to shatter the mask, the Lightner only had to hold his hands and the Big Shot melted like ice in the desert, hissing steam with a red face. Cute.

''I wonder if that is the real Spamton- Spamton Addison.''

Even so, Spamton was good with words. There was something about the way he said things... ze opened to him without realizing it. This was even more effective when he wasn't wearing his glasses, Spamton had so much power whenever those pink and yellow eyes were visible, and he had no idea. Or maybe he did.

The Lightner also had zir moments... unexpectedly.

The day ze said I love you to them, it felt like the world stopped moving. Their heads turned around in almost comical unison. So fast too, pretty sure they broke the barrier sound.

''... Do you mean it?'' Taggew finally said, an awkward and shy laugh breaking the silence. ''The- The L-Word.''

''Of course I do. I love you, all of you.''

The colorful brothers visibly flinched when ze said it again. The Lightner heard a low vibrating sound, confused until ze stared at the quintet long enough to realize: that was purring. The sound was coming from them.

Link was the first one to move. The other four watched their second youngest as he simply cupped zir face and kissed zir.

Holy SHIT.

The pink Addison ignored the others shouting at him. ''Not fair!'', ''Me next!!'', ''What the [!#@*%]'', ''LINK!!! YOU [Little &@$!#%]! DIDn'T YOU EVER LEARN NO T TO [Official Cheat List]?!!!''. A domino effect takes place as the rest close the distance to express their affection as well (and fight their pink brother, maybe).

The Lightner stood there, taking all that bottled up love, leaving zir buzzing with pure joy and low-key embarassment. Yeah, there was no other place ze would rather be than with the Addisons.

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