I'm Cynthia (she/her - ze/zir), better known as Yomiel. I'm a 20+ years old bisexual demigirl from Spain who loves the Moon. I speak both Spanish and English. Currently I'm learning Mandarin Chinese, but I'm just a beginner! I'm still at a very basic level. I'm also a lover of music, self-insert and languages! I like making content as a hobby, mostly in the form of drawing and writing. Self-indulgent content, honestly.

This website was made as an archive to store all of my content. For years I've been searching for a good place where I could put all of it in a clean, neat form. But most of these places I tried in the past were either outdated, limited or locked useful features behind paywalls. I don't have a lot of experience with HTML and CSS, but desperate times call for desperate measures! I'm learning by just trial and error, so I hope you'll excuse any clumsy mistakes.


Astrale Stella & Co

Feel free to add my humble archive's button, if you wish!


I've been working on the Astrale Stella Project for a long time, inspired by my first work: The Moon and I. Originally it was just homework for one of my classes, but I liked the characters so much I started developing stuff around them. More than a decade later, here I finally am—still working on it, because I sure am an slow writer.

The first name for this project used to be Tales of Past Heroes (ToPH for short). It featured four stories, which I posted (and finished!) two of them. I was in love with writing, but I wasn’t confident enough with my skill level to continue with the project. So I stepped back, deleted what I had so far and re-worked everything until I felt ready to give it another shot. This is where we are today. My stories aren’t groundbreaking, but I hope you find joy in them.

N.F.A.Q (Not Frequently Asked Questions)

I'm not popular enough to get asks often, but friends over the years have inquired me about similar stuff, so I thought I'd add the answers to those here. Consider it more like trivia lol.

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♢ What's with the 'Yomiel' name?

I explained it in depth in my October 4th entry, but summed up: it's the name of a character from the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Funny thing is, he isn't my favorite character. But it sounds neat.

♢ I'm not sure how to use 'ze/zir'...

Don't worry! It can be confusing at first. Luckily, I have this handful chart with me.

♢ What do you use for your art?

Paint Tool SAI. For final edits (mostly text), I either use PhotoScape or Adobe Photoshop CS5. I also use Paint.NET occasionally, mostly for any pixel art.

♢ Can I use your art for layouts (icons/banners/etc)?

As long as it's fanart (excluding gift art) and you give proper credit, go ahead!

♢ Can I draw fanart of your characters?

DEFINITELY!! But unless we're friends (and you aren't a minor), do keep it SFW. You also cannot kin or headcanon my OCs. No, not even in secret

♢ If you're called Yomiel, what's with the Astrale Stella name I see often?

I guess you could call it a pen name!
It's what I used to call myself back in RP Forums, before I settled on Yomiel.

♢ Why tell your stories in written form? Why not turn them into webcomics or something else?

I consider myself a writer that just happens to be able to draw decently enough to illustrate zir own ideas. There's a reason I often say artist and writer as a hobby.

I create stuff for fun and for free! And because it's free, I do what I want, and that also includes how I wanna create all stuff. Webcomics are a huge task that need lots of work, especially if you're doing everything yourself. I started creating content with writing, and that's how I wanna keep it. Also, I think we need more written stories to become popular! Not everyone can tell their original work through webcomics/music/podcast/etc. Some of us just have words and time.

♢ Most of your stuff is rated +13, but you keep saying your content is pretty mild :/

Most websites require you to be 13 or older to have an account (e.g., youtube or twitter). It's true that most of what I make is safe, and anything that needs higher rating + warnings will be put before the content itself. It's mostly to protect us both! It doesn't hurt to inform people, anyway.

♢ Oh, you speak Spanish! Can you tell me what [word] means?

I don't mind helping with expressions and such. But if you need to know the meaning of single words, there are a lot of useful dictionaries out there! Personally I like using WordReference. Do have in mind that Spanish, like English, is different depending on the country (e.g., Peninsular Spanish and Argentinian Spanish aren't exactly the same, like American English and Australian English aren't the same).

♢ By the way, what's with the 'Valencian' language you keep mentioning?

Spanish isn't the only language spoken in Spain. Currently there are 5 official languages! Valencian is the language used in the Valencian Community. It's similar to Catalan- and due to that, there is a political controversy within the V.C regarding its status as a glottonym or as a language on its own, since reports show that more than half of the people here consider it as a separate language (me included).

♢ You sure are... long-winded.

I say a lot of words, yes! My manner of speaking in Spanish is verbose by default, so it just kinda translates as extra wordy in English. I'm not trying to appear cooler though, I just try to make myself as clear as I can (which ends up in lengthy speeches lol).

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Thanks for your company!