S/I is short for self-insert, also called self-ship sometimes. Self-insert is when a person inserts themselves into a piece of media they like (books, games, movies, tv shows, etc). Some people insert themselves directly into the source, while others do it by creating some sort of avatar (such as OCs). Self-insert can be romantic, platonic, and/or familial. It's up to the self-inserter.

In my case, they tend to be romantic!
[Character A] x [Character b] = romantic.
[Character A] & [Character B] = platonic or familial (aka no romance).

On the right side of the text, you will find boxes which contain some basic information.

Works go from oldest to newest!
Also, any content/trigger warnings will be put at the start (my writing is usually pretty mild though).


Alone Together | Osomatsu-san | Matsuno Karamatsu x Shinshia Doremi | [T+13]
During Valentine's Day, the thief decided to steal the most precious thing.
Based on the "Phantom Thief" set from Hesokuri Wars!

Spring | A Hat in Time | Conductor x Bard | [T+13]
The new season brings many new things to the Studio.

Little Laurel | Deltarune | Addison & Spamton x The Lightner | [T+13]
The Lightner thinks about her relationship with 5 particular siblings.

Melody | Lego Monkie Kid | Six-Eared Macaque x Cyn | [T+13]
The librarian likes to sing when she's at work. He noticed this a long time ago.

After The Party | Pizza Tower | Pizza Head x Miel | [T+13]
The lady and the cheesy man have a moment after celebrating a friend's party.