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✦ Date: 25/06/2022
✦ Chapters: 1/1

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Based on a prompt sent to me: humming a melody together!

Note: for context regarding Cyn’s work, as well as her relationship with Macaque, read this post first! Also this is post-S3, but there are no spoilers :>

Cyn ambled between the rows of bookshelves of the Nature Library as she held a pile of books. She had to put these back in their spot, but she was in no rush. There were still many hours in her shift remaining. Even if this library was bigger and overall better, visitors were still a rare sight. Then again, she usually worked at night, so perhaps that was the reason. Cyn didn’t mind this. After spending hours with her energetic friend MK, and his legendary master Sun Wukong, it was nice to have a moment of peace. Albeit it was lonely... but she was used to it.

Cyn started humming. It was an habit, to fill the silence in the library with her own voice. There was no one except her and the countless books. It was fine, she was bothering no one.

For some reason she could never remember the lyrics of this song, despite how many times she listened to it. Only the catchy melody stayed to her brain. Better than nothing, she could work with that to kill time and boredom. A soft song, she crooned to no one.

As the librarian placed another book in its designed spot, she heard humming.

It was the same song, but it was not her voice. Or maybe it was? Maybe this place was so big it created echo, and she realized just now. Cyn shrugged it off and walked to the next bookshelf as she resumed her humming.

{.⋅ ♬♪♫ ⋅.}

There it was again, the voice and the same melody. It hummed along her... was the library doing that? Could it do that? No, she would have been told about the library acting on its own if that was the case. She decided to play along, once more humming while walking between the bookshelves.

Credit where it was due, whoever it was, they knew the song pretty well too. Both voices humming together, it was almost pleasant- had it not been for the oddness of the whole situation.

Cyn placed the last book when she heard the strange voice come closer, and then she felt a presence behind her. She turned around, but there was nothing or no one there. A chuckle echoed inside the library, which caused her to look around frantically. What the h-

“You always sing the emotional ones, Princess,” a voice said under her.

The librarian looked at her feet. She witnessed how her shadow smirked at her with glowing purple eyes, expanding in front of her and taking a physical form. From the shadows, a familiar yaomo greeted her with a nonchalant smile.

“Macaque... ?”

“Long time no s--”

Macaque was cut short by the feeling of arms around him. He stayed still, his own arms hanging around awakwardly as he looked down at her, burying her face in his chest.

“You idiot,” she said quietly. “I thought something horrible happened to you.”

He kept staring at her with an astonished look, slowly lowering his arms and returning the hug. He chuckled. “Touchy much, huh?”

Cyn’s embrace tightened. “Shut up.”

The yaomo only snorted in return with a sarcastic “ouch.” Their tails searched for each other, holding each other instinctively after so long.

“... I’m glad to see you again.” Her voice was muffled.

Macaque took her veil off and planted a kiss on the top of her head. He smirked at the feeling of her purring. She had always been bad at hiding it.

“I missed you too.”

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