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The Moon and I (La Lluna i jo)

This was originally written in Valencian when I was around a tween, as homework. Years later, it was translated but the content is the same.

The date you see on the side, in the Information box, is when the translation was done- NOT when it was originally created.

This isn't canon anymore, but it's an important story for me. Also the first (and last time) I wrote in first person lol.

''Dear, please wait!'' shouted Mother from the window. I ignored her pleas, still running and no looking back.

The wind breeze was lashing my face, making it feel like it was trying to set it on fire. The streets were empty, and the snow crunching under my feet was breaking the peaceful winter silence. I eventually slowed myself down, to the point I was no longer running. I stopped in a park, or better said, the park.

I sat in a bench near the peach grove; its naked branches covered in thin, cold, white snow; and I looked at the sky, cloudy in that moment. I closed my eyes and started to remember as I lay in that old wood bench.

I remembered when father still was with us, and he would bring me at this same park after work when I was just a little girl. He and mother would sit right here, in this bench, while I would play with the pinecones that were resting on the ground, burying them in the ground and wait for them to grow bigger by patting the spot where I did bury them.

''Good evening.''

I got up from the woody bench. I did it so quickly I got dizzy for few seconds, which almost caused my face meeting the ground. I turned around, and as soon as I saw who -or rather what- spoke to me, I thought I was going to faint right there.

He looked pretty normal, most of it.

He was very formal, wearing a tuxedo. A rare sight in this part of city. He was extremely pale, I even doubted that was actual skin. His right hand was holding a little stick thing.

His most dominant trait was his head.
A crescent moon. Floating where his head should be. It was similar to those moon drawings: a pointy nose, an eye and a mouth in profile.

''Good evening.'' The Moon man said again.

''... Good evening,'' I replied scared.

''I am so sorry. I did not mean to to scare you, really.''

''... It's fine.''

He sat in the bench, patting the empty space next to him with his gloved hand. I did hesitate at first, but I took a deep breath and I sat next to the tall man.

''I bet you never saw someone with a head like mine, am I right?'' He seemed amused by my reactions. I just nodded, shaking like a leaf. He was really, really tall. As tall as a pinetree, even more!

He patted me on the back, chuckling. ''I know my aspect may be odd or even scary for you, but I won't lay my hand on you.'' Then he bowed. ''I chose to be named Luxor. I'm a conductor.''


''A musical conductor. My task is to direct musical performances, usually these performances are orchestras.''

''Oh... then that stick...''

''My baton. It has been with me since I started this beautiful job!''

I looked at the baton. It was really pretty, a black body which seemed to be made of well-polished wood with a little gemstone in its tip. The whole thing glowed faintly, like a firefly in a summer night.

''My name's Marina.''

Luxor blinked, apparently surprised. ''Well, with a name like that... are you a mermaid?''

Now I was the one surprised. The Moon has jokes! ''My father called me like that. He was from a little town near the sea. He moved here because of his job.''

''I see! And tell me, Marina, if it isn't much too ask... What are you doing here, in the cold, so late?'' He put a hand on his chest, where the heart is. ''If I'm correct, it soon will be 2 in the morning.''

''I... ran away from home. My mother, Barbara, dropped her job after my father died 2 years ago. She wastes the money we have left in...'' I sighed. ''Nevermind.''

Luxor opened his mouth, when suddenly some kind of door appeared in front of us, glowing like it was the door to Heaven.

''Ah, it seems everyone is ready.''

I tilted my head. Ready for what? Was he actually doing something else besides talking to me?

''My concert is ready. I must do my job.''

So this was a farewell.
There was silence between the two of us as he got up from his seat and headed towards the glowing door. He grabbed the knob, but instead of opening the door, he looked back at me.



''This may be my last concert in a long time. I'm not sure when I'll return here to perform.''

That made me sad. I only met him for so little time, but I really enjoyed his warm presence. It made me forget about my situation. My reason to be where I was so late tonight.

''You ran away from your mother, and after hearing your story, I can understand your decision. Even if I do not agree with such action.'' Well, that sure soured the moment. And my mood.

''Do you have a place to call home now, Marina?''

I looked down, embarassed, because to be honest, I didn't. I was so focused about escaping that house I didn't think about where to escape.

''And well... if you'd like to come with us... I'd not oppose.''

Now I was the one who blinked with surprise. ''What?''

''Would you like to live with me, Marina?'' Luxor repeated his petition again, this time adding some information. ''I am not sure if I will be able to be there all whole day with you, but I promise you'll always have a roof over your head, and someone to trust.''

I couldn't help but to stare at him in silence. Luxor's petition was sweet, but it was also unexpected. I needed some time to process it.

He sighed. ''I fully understand if you choose not to come with me. After all, I am just a stranger.'' Those last words sounded sad, as if he genuinely cared about me. As if we were best friends already.

Luxor opened the glowing door and went in to whatever mysterious place it led. I put my feet in the door before he could close it. He blinked, surprised, and looked at me in the eyes with his own golden eye.

''It's true, we just met.'' I smiled, trying to look cool in front of him. ''But hey, it's cold here!''

Luxor stared at me for a long minute before he laughed, opening the door so it'd stop crushing my poor foot.

''Welcome to the big family that is Celestia, Marina. I hope we become great friends.''

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